Hypnosis Reference List



Felice Perussia
HYPNOSIS REFERENCE LIST: A general resource in alphabetical order
Second edition: 2011, pp. 190
Torino: Dipartimento di Psicologia, Università degli Studi



This volume contains a reference list produced by the research group on hypnosis at the Department of Psychology, University of Turin. Here we simply list the texts that we have had occasion to frequently use for lessons, thesis, researches, conferences and publications. We think it is a good sample of international literature on hypnosis, but it has no claim to be complete.
We publish here what began as a working tool for us, and that now we imagine might be of some use to other researchers, colleagues in the profession and students in training.
The areas covered in the list are extensive, because we have always tried to investigate all the fields of research about suggestion, but perhaps they are slightly characterized by our peculiar interests in teaching, research and intervention with hypnotism.
They are all papers that have to do with hypnosis. In almost all cases they are works specifically devoted to some facet of the topic. In some rare cases (in the order of unity or at most, but I would not say, of tens), are reference books to figure out some work on hypnosis that are often quoted in the field.
Being on this list does not mean a quality certification. In the great majority of cases these texts are qualified, but there are always exceptions, present expecially for his-torical and didactic reasons.
We have collected this data for many years. Each citation was verified directly in the original publications or on credited lists of abstracts. We tried to be accurate, as far as possible, each time searching to check the original sources.
We had already produced in 2008 for internal use, a list of scientific or historical texts on hypnosis, which included over one thousand five hundred texts. Now we have decided to make available to the community of researchers and clinicians a much larger amount of references, which currently exceeds six thousand titles.
We have done everything possible to be precise, but there will certainly be errors, in-accuracies and omissions. It is only working material in continuous evolution.
We thank all of you for reporting of clarifications or mistakes, so that we can take them into account for future updates.


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